This is the original picture page devoted to photos of the squirrels in my Backyard. In the spring of 1999 I erected three squirrel houses in my backyard. One of the squirrel "condos" contained a spycam so you could look in on the squirrels! This all started in 1998 when I had squirrels nesting in my attic. I evicted them after an unfortunate little squirrel died in my stove's hood vent.

Squirrel Cam started in this Squirrel Condo (#3). Ethyl briefly moved in with her child on 5/10/99

Lucy, a pregnant squirrel, moved into the second squirrel condo I built.

She can really pack away the nuts, corn, and tortillas.

She moved her three teenage children into the condo with her.

new condokids
teenagersall three

Here the kids are learning to navigate the tree and visit the feeders.

Kid with head in feederKid with corn in paws

It was really fun watching the triplets climb, stumble and fall.
It took them about a week before they were expert climbers.

new condonew condo

The balcony space was most desirable.


All the squirrels and birds like deer corn and sunflower seeds.

This is the first squirrel condo I built.

The squirrels like to hang out in the late afternoon.

This is the same condo used by the Owls.