First Owl Visit of 2016 on second night box was on tree trunk.
Screech Owls feed on small reptiles, mice and insects.
They are not a threat to Lucy or the other squirrels.
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After the squirrelhouse webcam caught this parliament of owls inspecting the squirrels' house.
I built the owls their own house. The owls found the new house and a pair moved in for nesting.

Photo from owl box webcamScreech Owl Egg Incubation PhotoOwl Eggs Webcam

Baby owlsBaby owlsPhotograph from inside owl box captured by webcam

Screech owls raised owlets in one of my squirrelhouses years earlier.
This family went unnoticed until the owlets started looking outside.
May 2001 Temporary Residents in Bob's Backyard.
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The mother fox squirrel checks on the owl every morning
Mother Squirrel visits Incubating Owl
Usually the owl remains on eggs and just looks up
This time she jumped up and went face to face with the squirrel
I don't think they will ever be friends