2016.04.27 Duck pair are nesting in owl box. Five eggs so far, watch webcams for more eggs.
2016.03.03 New owl box with three cameras is online webcam
2008.12.07 New owl "Eggcam" webcam has replaced the Hummingbird webcam.
2007.04.15 Two young squirrels have been playing on the house balcony. See the movie here.
2007.04.01 New hummingbird webcam is running.
2007.03.11 Three webcams are running. New house with two cameras is ready for a squirrel family.
2007.02.28 Online store is open for business. Buy a stack of greeting cards to support Squirrelhouse.com.
2007.02.25 Live webcam is pointed at squirrel feeder.
2004.09.20 Squirrelhouse.com is back online after three years in hibernation.
2001.08.27 Three 25 day old baby squirrels fell from Lucy's tree top stick nest during a thunderstorm.
I found them just before dawn and placed them on the Squirrel Chalet's balcony.
Lucy took them inside.
2001.05.06 The Screech Owl has children! I caught them peering out of the hole today.
2001.04.20 Today I spotted a Screech Owl living in the oldest squirrel condo.
Unfortunately this condo has no interior camera.
2001.03.06 The camera has caught glimces of the baby squirrrels. They are about a month old and should start climbing out of the box 2001.03.25.
The Squrrel Chalet is still unoccupied and may be too close to the camera condo.
2001.02.04 Lucy caught me taking the bottom off the condo for cleaning. Instead of watching from afar she raced into the box. There may be babies under the leaves.
The Squirrel Chalet is finished and online with a live camera. Broadcasts will be sporadic until a squirrel moves in.
2001.01.29 Lucy's predicted delivery date is 2001.02.06.
2000.11.30 The Dallas Morning News published story about the web site.
You may see it here with color photos.
2000.10.07 Live camera page now has four cameras on 15 minute rotation.
2000.10.02 The new domain, squirrelhouse.com if functional.
2000.09.25 Lucy moved into the new Squirrel Cam2 condo.
2000.09.13 Squirrel Cam Condo #4 is up and running! The box uses a X-10 wireless camera.
2000.02.26 I fired up the old operating system to see if the camera still worked.
To my surprise I found four baby squirrels in the box with Lucy!
The babies appear to be about 30 days old.
1999.11 After an operating system upgrade squirrel cam went off line indefinitely.
1999.10.15 Lucy and the children moved out of the camera condo. They are living in a tree top nest.
1999.10.01 The quadruplets are exploring the condo's balconies.
1999.09.22 The quadruplets are peeking out of the condo.
1999.08.13 The babies have almost doubled in size and are growing hair. The camera will be off untill 8/23
1999.08.05 Another BIG day! Turns out that Lucy actually had quadruplets!
1999.08.04 A very BIG day! Lucy had triplets.
1999.07.27 I found Lucy sleeping in the condo.
1999.07.24 The plan worked, Lucy is living in Squirrel Cam condo #3!
1999.07.20 I replaced condo #2 with Squirrel Cam condo #3.
Hopefully Lucy will accept it as her new maternity ward.
1999.07.10 Lucy is living in condo #2 and looking very pregnant