Urban Wildlife Educational Information
World Wide Web links to squirrel web sites

  • Grey Squirrel's Page of Sillyness

  • Squirrel Fishing with peanut bait

  • Squirrel Rehab to save the baby squirrel you found

  • Care for infant squirrels from Columbus Squirrel Rescue

  • The Squirrel Den

  • Squirrel Feeding, Nutrition & Care By Clarissa Summers

  • Squngee bungee cord squirrel feeder

  • White Squirrels of Exeter, Ontario

  • Snickers the baby squirrel

  • The Squirrel Board all squirrel discussion all the time

    Non squirrel sites:

  • Tadpole aquarium photographs captured for Austin's own Jennifer Ellen Cook of the Smash Reiley Band

  • Austin web page

  • Hummingbird Cam at Cloud Forest Alive

  • Barred Owl Nest Photos at owlcam.com of Eastern Massachusetts

  • Cavity Nesting Webcams by John R.C. of Montgomery County, Maryland

  • Chris' Eastern Screech Owl Nest Box Cam' is here in Austin

  • The Owl Pages dedicated to all things owl

  • Pat's Backyard Bird Cam feeder webcams and extensive gallery of avian photography

  • Amazing Screech Owl Photos from NYC Central Park

  • Birdwatching Blog has links and descriptions for virtual web birding

  • The Big Bird Blog birds, birds, and more birds.