Kathy in Wisconsin
I used to hand feed a lot of squirrels in my yard. I gave them all names, and would give the babies names all starting with the same letter, so I'd remember who their siblings are. Kind of like Jane Goodall's chimps.One of my buddies was a young male I named Seamus. He'd come to the door for a peanut, and I'd give him one. Then he'd stand there with the peanut in his mouth and just stare at me expectantly...he wanted another one. When I gave him another one, he'd take them both and go away with them, then come back a little while later. The funny thing was, if I did NOT give him the second peanut, he would just wait. Forever. He wouldn't eat the first peanut or take it away to bury it, he'd just wait. Even if I closed the door and he couldn't see me anymore, he'd sit there on the porch or lie down on the porch railing holding the one peanut in his mouth, watching the door, waiting for that second peanut. I guess it wasn't worth his while to walk across the yard and dig a hole for just one peanut. I started calling him Seamus Two-nuts.
Your website is totally cool. Thanks for the webcams.
This summer, my husband and I rescued a 2-week old squirrel who had a broken leg. We researched and researched squirrel rehab, and went to it. My husband even made a cast for her broken leg. Now, at 13 weeks old, we have successfully transitioned "Mango" into our backyard full time. Her leg is fine and she is the healthiest squirrel ever! She spends her days off in neighbors' yards and trees, and hanging out with "Chip", the neighborhood big male squirrel, and her nights in her squirrel condo (which doesn't have a balcony but does have lots and lots of quilt batting). She is a bit spoiled, she gets avocado and apples and almonds. She also tries to bury peanuts in the cuff of our pants... or the collar of our shirts! She is very sweet and we hope she becomes more and more independent as the days go by, but we look forward to seeing her around for many years to come.
Mickey K.
Here are the pictures of "baby Joseph" that you requested to go with my fan mail. Also I've included a picture from the last "batch" of my little guys. The former squirrels are happily swinging in the trees. I am looking forward to visiting your site.
We have received the squirrel condo plans and I am patiently waiting to order a t-shirt. I visit your site almost every weekend and watch the squirrel cam as I transcribe. I am sending you a picture of my squirrel JoJo and hope you will post it on your site. We have had him since '98 and he is quite the charmer. I have witnessed him feeding with another squirrel at our feeder twice - and they aren't siblings because Jojo is an out-of-towner. I do believe he would be quite enamored of the most intelligent Lucy squirrel. Once again, thanks for a wonderful web site.
I found this site after the Dallas Morn. News article came out. Your pics. are great! I rescued a baby squirrel last spring and took him to a rehabber. She said he did fine. When I took him to her she pulled out a drawer to tuck him away with the other babies. Mine was bigger than the ones she already had. He had hair. The ones she already had were hairless they were so young! Someone had cut the tree down their nest was in. She raises them on fresh goats milk. Visitors to your site should be sure to see your hummingbird pictures they are just as good as the squrrel pics. check out the links too. Thanks for entertaining and educating so many people.
My husband found 3 baby fox squirrels after a storm last August. We rehabilatated them(using information we learned from SquirrelWorld.com and released them back to the golf course in October. We go and visit them every day or so and they still come to see us. We thought you would like a picture of our "foster" children (Rocky, Bullwinkle, and Foxy) back in the fall and them another one taken a week ago. We enjoy your site and look forward to the new pictures.
My mother saved your article for me and I was so excited to look up your site. We had a baby 7 years ago for 3 months and he ran off one day. hopefully to venture on his own. Today we have 2 babies we have had for 3 months. Your baby photos have helped to really know their true ages. It's winter now so we keep them in a pet taxi in the kitchen. They love to snuggle in old towels, run around the kitchen and den and climb in the fake tree. Our boys really love them. Our squirrels love to cuddle and be stroked. It's amazing. I can't wait to show them your site and build one of your houses this spring. Thanks for creating your site. My favorite picture of yours is the 4 hanging on the balcony of the squirrel house. It's priceless. We look forward to your updates.
Gary, Judy, Garrett
Randy is 16 months old, was two days old when our family was blessed with him. He needs a girl friend, so let Lucy e-mail anytime. Merry xmas to all.
I love your Live Cameras. When I am needing a pick me up I enjoy your back yard. When I was visiting my Dad this weekend in Arkansas he shared a great story about his squirrels.. He is 84 years of age and loves his backyard. About a week ago a very large hawk who is wintering at a nearby neighbors was splashing in Dad's bird bath when he decided to make a meal of one of the acorn hunting squirrels near the fence. He struck and for a moment there was fur and feathers flying. Then suddenly to Dad's surprise the hawk made his escape. The spunky squirrel shook himself looked around, spied the interloper in the nearby sweet gum tree and pursued him with a vengeance. Needless to say the hawk left the area and did not have squirrel that day nor possibly any other day in Dad's back yard. I only wish I had been there with my camera. Merry Christmas
Hi I was really really board once and i decided to look for some pictures of squirrels for my wallpaper in my computer. i looked and looked and i seriously fell in love with your website. Its awesome! i have the picture of Lucy and her 4 babies set as my wallpaper. I also have a squirrel. My dad found him a year ago so i've been taking care of him ever since. His name is Tarzan and i got to tell you this he is the cuttest little furry thing i love him.
The page and pictures on Lucy vs. the stocking was hilarious!!! I was laughing out loud! I love squirrels and miss the ones we left behind in New Jersey, so your site is great for us to keep in touch with our little friends. Thank you and keep up the great site!
Enjoy your website very much. I love the squirrels too. Keep up the good work with these special little critters. Your pictures put a smile on my face! The article in the Dallas Morning News was great - that's where I heard about you. On the other side of that page I was the one "playing the Grinch"
Sara wrote to tell me about her pickle jar nut feeders.
The nut feeders have lids they raise, slip in, get the nut, and flop the lid back on as they scoot out.
I love the pictures of the babies. As a great fan of squirrels I was thrilled to find your site. I can often be found chatting with the squirrels who live in my back yard, and have always wondered about their "secret lives." The photos were such a joy! Thank you for sharing.
Hi, I read about your site in the Dallas paper (although I live in Austin, too). I enjoyed all the pictures and stories very much, and I"ll show them to my husband tonight. We have six acres, and we feed just about every critter on our property, including at least 15 squirrels. Last year when I climbed up to clean out the screech owl box, I had a surprise. Mama squirrel jumped out of the box and scared me to death. She had four babies in there, so the owls had to wait. I like your reptile section, but what in the world is that pink lizard?
i'm a squirrel nut too,i live on a acer of land with a wooded area behind, I leave my binoculars in the kitchen window so I can watch them.I put nuts and seed on a old bird house and I have Bo'sdarc trees with horse apples so they just keep comeing. I saw the article about you in the paper today ,before I read it I was on the net looking you up.I don't have a cat scan so it took a while to find you. I found you through alta vista Squirrelhouse-Bob's Backyard and I'm glad I did, your doing great work hope you keep it up.
I also have squirrel buildings in my back yard in S. Austin. Unfortunately, no cameras! We had four babies about three months ago as well, and they have been a hoot to watch. They were born in a tree nest at the top of one of our front yard trees. Not much around here is challenging for them at this point. I'm trying to get creative and give them something else to get into that's a little harder! Great web site!
I read about your website in the Dallas Morning News today. Great story & website. I'd like to suggest you put a ruler on the condo so everyone can see the growth progress of the babies. They're really cute. Keep up the good work.
Mrs. Harold D.
Hi! Website just wonderful. I have really enjoyed it. I too have relatively tame squirrels in my yard I take pictures of, never thought of anything as great as yours. Keep up the good work. Very refreshing for the web.
Dear Bob, I love your site. Read about you and the squirrels in the Dallas Morning News. I have rehabilitated two squirrels - Jojo and Lily. They have a special place in my heart. I am glad to see there is someone else out there that cares too.
Linda in Harker Heights, Texas
Read the article in the Dallas Morning News and had to check out your site. Thanks, it really brightened my day! Can't wait to show it to my kids, their teachers, and my parents in Iowa who love to feed and watch the squirrels in their front yard.
Just read about you in the Dallas Morning News. What a fun time I've had reading up on your activities. Your feeder is different, but looks like my visitors(cardinals, blue jays, squirrels and very fat white winged doves) We have just had red squirrels move into our neighborhood this past spring. From your pictures, I'm guessing we have a mom and two teens. Can't wait to build a condo. Thanks for a fantastic web site.
I read the article in the Dallas Morning News. What a neat thing you have done! I really enjoyed all the pictures. Thanks!!
Bob, I just love your website! Squirrels are one of my favorite animals, and I always thought I was the only "Squirrel Nut". Glad to see other nutters! Thanks for the wonderful pics! And also for the education you are providing. Happy camming!
Bob-I love the little ones and I think what you're doin' is great! I've been a fan since I found the site about 8 months ago. It's been fun to watch Lucy and the little ones grow. Just wanted to let you know I like what you're doin'.
I am doing a job that I like a lot. But I still have moments when it all gets a bit stressful. My remedy? Bob's Backyard to look at creatures that make me smile relax and laugh. What could be healthier! The squirrels that visit our home also keep me smiling when our lovely Britsih weather is being it's usual self or all the bills come at once. A squirrel a day keeps the doctor away!
i bought my two squirrels, nutsack and sequin, a condo just like the ones on your site. They just love it, they enjoy it so much that they never come out of it. They have individual rooms, two bedrooms, a sitting room and a general nut room. i think they are the happiest squirrels alive!!keep it up squirrel bob!!! you inspire me to build bigger and better things for my squirrels and their friends
Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!I thought I was crazy. I think God gave us his little 'Jesters" so we could laugh at their antics. I live in College Station ,Tx.Just 3 blocks from campus.I've seen squirrels shy ,but,not afraid of the students.It suprised me when I moved in,that one squirrel would come down out fo the tree when I feed the birds.After several weeks I tried to feed him out of my hand.And he ate right out of my hand !After that I was hooked. I feed every day.And even have given some names.
I first found your site when I found Sunny, my "squirrel girl", and have been visiting ever since. The redesign is terrific and I'm very impressed with your cams! Makes me want to set one up on my porch to catch all the action there. So glad to have found someone else as "nuts" as me (and if you don't believe it, visit www.squirreltale.com, "A Squirrel's Tale"!)
Patty K. wrote to tell me about her squirrel Brownie. Here is Brownie discovering peanut butter.
Wendy S.& Ed W. sent pictures of their squirrel condo. Their spoiled squirrels like almonds. More pictures are here.
Mary Ann
My husband put up two squirrel condos. The first one was put up about10/99 The squirrels climb on it and go inside for the "treats" I put in there but they don't stay. Is there anything special we can do to help them "feel at home" so to speak.There are about 5 that come regularly and are beginning to learn my voice. Any help you can give us will be appreciated. Thank you in advance,
Susan S
Hey Squirrel Boy Bob, Love your site. We feed squirrels here but have never put up a home for them. I just found you while in work and spent more time than I should have looking at all the great shots of the squirresl (I looked at your car too - and saw the cute cat in the garage). I am forwarding this site home so my husband - who I thought was Squirrel Boy until I saw this - can enjoy it too. Thanks a lot. What do you do for a living ??
Kathy, squirlady of Somis, California
I have just spent hours perusing your web site with the squirrels.I had to let you know how great I think it is & what a service you are doing to promote good feelings towards our wonderful little furry friends. I have been an intensive care squirrel nurse for over 16 years now & have had the privilege to have had quite a few of them come through my life. They are really great creatures & I have enjoyed my times with them. At present I have 4 permanent residents.Unreleaseable for various reasons. Thanks again for bringing such knowledge & pleasure to people in regard to the tree squirrels. Put me on your list for a couple of those condo's-when you get around to doing them for the public to buy. Thanks so much
Ken & Wendy, Tasmania - Australia
Ga'day from Tasmania, i would like to set up a cam to watch tassie devils ....can you tel me how you get your stuff on to the net ...live and so people around the world can see devils in the wild eating and moving .....regards Ken Sulman." Get Hooked on fishing, Not on Stress "" May your Rod Bend Often "
AnitaAKA Jedi Mom
Loved your backyard website and especially the sections on squirrels. Asanother inveterate squirrel watcher (and orphaned squirrel rehabber), I waste...er, spend a lot of time watching my released "kids" and their wildfriends through my office window. Seeing your squirrel cam and the photos of Lucy's summer babies was wonderful. Whether you realize it or not, you are also providing a service with your excellent photos of squirrel infants in their various stages of development. Gives less experienced rehabbers something to compare their new charges to in order to make an educated guessat age. Keep up the good work! Now it's time for me to go feed my released "babies" who are about 6 months old. To see them and read their story, visit the Squirrel Ranch
Bob, just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyall the work you've done with your assorted picturesof squirrels, hummingbirds and bugs! I have squirrelshere at the office that I feed and watch. They are sogreat! They greet me in the parking lot now!
Jessica and Kurt Z
Bob, My husband and I are so happy to see the cam back on. We are also excited about Lucy's new babies. We just moved to Las Vegas from New Jersey and we had to leave our squirrels behind. We love squirrels and we miss ours very much, so please keep up the great work on the cam and the web site. We love the pictures too. Thanks again!!!
Dear Squirrel Boy Bob,I can't believe that you have a whole site about squirrels! I found one in a park near our house and I am raising it. It was a baby and had fallen from its nest. I could not leave it there because of all the dogs. He is doing very well and has started eating solid foods. I will release him back into the park when he is full grown. I am now a squirrel-a-holic. I am glad to know that someone else is as eccentric as I am. I also like spiders, alligators and well, pretty much any animal. Keep on squirrelin'!
fellow squirrel lover
Dear Mr. Bob, I enjoyed looking at all the pictures of your backyard. You are very lucky to have squirrels living there. I love squirrels, I wish I could haveone as a pet but so far I haven't found a pet store that had any squirrels. I play soccer for our city and we couldn't think of a name. I suggested that we call ourselves the Purple Squirrels (our colors are purple and white). Most of my team liked it...but our coach said no. I was sad. So instead I made a goalie shirt that the an outline of a squirrel colered purple! I wear it every time I play goalie and it always brings us good luck! Again your page is very fun to look at! I am very jealous of your backyard!
Hi,Visited your web pages enjoyed them. Have you tried putting a pumpkin out for the squirrels? You will get some great picture's. Had some out for Halloween and the squirrels chewed through them to get to the seed's. They made a hole and stuck their head's inside the pumpkin, really cute. We have a beautiful black squirrel I feed and is pretty friendly. Will keep checking your page's.Have a good day.
Dear Bob, I felt I just had to write to let you know how much I love your squirrel website!! I found it a couple weeks ago. I'm an animal lover in general but love to feed the squirrels and birds the most. My inside critter is a very, very spoiled Guinea Pig named Squeaky. I've become very friendly with a wonderful girl I named Cee Cee. She's been coming to my place for 3 years now. She is so intelligent and I give her a backscratch every morning. She had babies in the spring and they came around when they were old enough to eat here as well. I believe she has just had another litter. She is truly an amazing little creature, just as yours are I'm sure. The little creatures have a hard time out there and it's great to know people like you make their lives better. Your condos are great!!! I keep a critter snack box on my porch full of goodies for the little ones. It's always funny to watch new ones to it try to figure out how to open the top. They bring so much happiness every day. This morning I had 5 of them waiting for breakfast when I opened the door. But of course Cee Cee is the Queen around the neighborhood and when she arrived they all scattered.Well I've rattled on long enough, I just had to let you know what you are doing is wonderful. Take care and all my best to all your creatures.
Hello!! I just had to write and let you know how very much I enjoy allthe squirrel pictures and the squirrel cam with the babies.. I am atrue squirrel lover and I was so glad to find your site. Keep up the greatwork. I'll be looking forward to new pictures and updates on thebabies.
Dear Mr. Smith:Many thanks for the updates, and for the fascinating, charming pictureson your marvelous website. I look forward to watching Lucy's babies growup! Best wishes for a great vacation. (I'll bet the babies'll grow a lotjust in the short time you'll be away.)
Rowland Nethaway of the Waco (Texas) Tribune-Herald
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