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Two babies bravely exploring the squirrel house balcony 2008.03.24
Baby fox squirrel photo Young squirrels playing on nest box

First sightings of 2008 spring babies
During cool weather the baby squirels remain mostly buried under nest box insulation
Baby squirrels nursing photo Mother fox squirrel nursing photo

Lucy gave birth to a litter of one in early February 2001
Here its eyes were open and it was starting to climb 3/7/2001
Fox Squirrel - Sciurus niger photo Fox Squirrel baby in nest
Baby Fox Squirrel image Fox Squirrel webcam capture
Squirrel - Sciurus niger Baby Squirrel in nest picture
Inside squirrel den photograph Photos inside squirrel's drey of baby squirrels

The 2001 Chalet was full of Baby Squirrels Rescued 8/27/2001.

Old cam baby captures are here.